Elvin Aghayev was born in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in 1987. He completed his primary and secondary education in the same city. In 2004, he started his undergraduate education in the Faculty of General Economics of Azerbaijan State Economic University and graduated from the same organization in 2008. 

​Aghayev moved to Turkey following the completion of his university education in Azerbaijan and completed his master’s degree in the Political Science and International Relations department of Istanbul Aydın University’s Institute of Social Sciences.

The article entitled “Historical Background and the Present State of the Russian-Syrian Relations” published by Elvin Aghayev and Assist. Prof. Dr. Filiz Katman in 2012 was published in international political science journal and was also used by the international authors. Furthermore, Aghayev’s scientific paper entitled “From Past to Present Relations Between Germany and Turkey” was published in the international academic conference held in Stuttgart, Germany.

Another article entitled “Analysis and Background of the ‘Arab Spring’ in Libya” published by Elvin Aghayev was published in European Researcher - international peer reviewed journal and has been cited by international authors from Harvard, Oxford, and other universities. 

In 2012, Elvin Aghayev was listed in the World Scientist Index for his proactive contributions to the field of political research by the Australian Society for Commerce Industry Engineering. Aghayev is also one of referee-editors of Political Research Quarterly, an international peer-reviewed political science journal published by the University of Utah and Western Political Science Association located in the USA.

He is a member of several professional organizations including International Political Science Association (IPSA), European Political Science Association (EPSA), EuroScience, World Association of Young Scientists (WAYS), and World Federation of Scientists.

Elvin Aghayev has also been involved in volunteer activities as a defender of freedom of expression. In addition to his academic research, he is associated with a number of human rights organizations. 

Aghayev has worked as a researcher since 2013 in different political areas at the Independent International Political Research Center (a think tank located in Washington). He speaks English, Russian, Turkish, and Arabic. Aghayev has mainly conducted research in the political field, in areas such as international relations, the Middle East, soft power, etc.

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